Anti-Poaching Unit
Training Courses

APU Training Courses

Well-equipped, well-trained, well-led and well-supported anti-poaching teams serve as an active deterrent to poachers.

To ensure that Anti-Poaching Units (APU) are professionally equipped and motivated for their vital role on the frontline, Chipembere Rhino Foundation implements effective ranger training courses on an ongoing and collaborative basis. These comprehensive training courses facilitated by some of the best accredited training facilitators in South Africa provides ongoing tactical skills development and enhances ranger capabilities to keep them highly effective and capable of dealing with threats.

Training includes advanced training techniques, First Responder Ranger Tactical First Aid, legal and tactical aspects of successful counter-poaching, night operations, mentoring sessions focused on high-risk areas, as well as leadership and the integration of teams together with dog units, for effective and successful incident management. Training enables the alignment of capabilities of all attending personnel across the participating protected areas, strengthening and supporting area-wide capabilities and allows for teams to join as a force multiplier when security assistance is needed.