Mastertons Coffee visits Chipembere Rhino Foundation at Amakhala Game Reserve

Mastertons Chipembere Coffee

Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists is one of South Africa’s longest standing coffee roasteries and have been providing top-quality arabica coffee since 1924. As a proud donor to the Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF), Mastertons visited Amakhala Game Reserve in April 2022 to experience first-hand what their Chipembere Blend donations are used towards.

For every 250g pack of traditionally roasted Chipembere Blend purchased, a portion of sales is donated to the Chipembere Rhino Foundation. A registered non-profit organisation, committed to safeguarding the future of the iconic rhino species. CRF specialises in sourcing, testing, and funding technology for effective monitoring of rhino, placing specially trained K9 units and providing vital anti-poaching equipment that protect Africa’s rhino on the ground. The work done by CRF, and similar organisations is what makes all the difference when it comes to helping protect our rhino for the next generation.

Michelle Smit, Mastertons Coffee Marketing Manager
The view at HillsNek Safari Camp
HillsNek Safari Camp

Day 1:

Accompanied by Jo Wilmot from CRF and Andrew Fullerton, the HillsNek Safari Camp Manager. Andrew drove the duo over to the APU base to meet Azola, an APU K-9 handler. Together they all headed out onto the reserve where Azola and K9 Nassau completed a track with Michelle in tow trying to keep up and getting some video footage of the “chase” through bushy terrain.

“It was thrilling to get a glimpse of how this must be in a real-life poacher tracking scenario.”

Michelle Smit

The day ended back at HillsNek after an incredible lion sighting. A very welcome glass of red wine and an excellently prepared ostrich steak, complimented with the best Malva Pudding Michelle claims to have ever had!

“Meeting some of the lodge guests from around the world including Ukraine, Mozambique and France was also among the highlights.”

Michelle Smit
Azola, K-9 handler with his partner K-9 Nassau
HillsNek Safari Camp, family tent
Dawn at HillsNek on day two

Day 2:

An early wake-up call (just before 5am) came in the form of an aromatic plunger of Mastertons Chipembere coffee blend at the tent. A welcome arrival on a very chilly morning! Michelle, Andrew, and Jo headed out with one of the reserve’s ecology team who focus on rhino monitoring. Detoured by a pride of lions, the group arrived to watch an incredible sunrise from the mountain ridge overlooking the reserve plains accompanied by another steaming cup of the Mastertons Chipembere Blend and homemade peanut butter crunchies.

From there, with the sun slowly starting to thaw frozen hands, the team set off to locate some of the rhino population using a telemetry set (what appeared to be an old-school TV antenna to the untrained eye); skilfully operated to track the rhino. They had some incredible rhino sightings, and all were accounted for. Also spotted on the drive was a plethora of antelope, zebra, elephant, a gang of buffalo, lions, and plenty of “Pumba” (of which one did not make it in an earlier lion encounter).

Thank you to the HillsNek Lodge team that were welcoming, attentive, the food was truly tops, and the accommodation, a luxurious tented experience (not to mention the gorgeous outside shower).

Andrew Fullerton, the HillsNek Safari Camp Manager, making the morning cuppa
Mastertons Chipembere Blend accompanied by homemade peanut butter crunchies
The telemetry set skilfully operated to track the rhino
Rhino footprints
Rhino tracking
Mother and baby rhino
Michelle & Jo Wilmot (CRF) at God’s Window
Andrew, Michelle and Nico enjoying a cup of Mastertons

CRF – Supporting Rhino conservation and improving stringent anti-poaching efforts needed on the ground – where it counts!

Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists Est. 1924 |

The Mastertons Chipembere Blend has its roots set deeply in Africa, with a unique blend of African Arabica coffees that has been Roasted For A Cause: to help save our Rhino.

BUY YOURS HERE or follow their social media pages for updates: |

Jo Wilmot (CRF) with the HillsNek Safari Camp staff
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