Race4Rhino Raises Another R65K for Orphaned Rhinos

Race4Rhino has again raised a substantial financial contribution for its beneficiaries, including our local Chipembere Rhino Foundation, which has in turn applied the funds to support the Care for Wild initiative to rescue and rehabilitate rhino calves orphaned by poachers.

Now it its sixth year, Race4Rhino recently raised another R65,000 in support of rhino conservation, funded by confirmed entries into the 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans 21km and full marathons. Led by Scott Irving, Race4Rhino is a project under the Race4Conservation Foundation banner. It is used as a platform to raise awareness of rhino conservation in South Africa and has already raised R130,000 for Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF), which has used 100% of the generous donations received to assist the Care for Wild initiative to care for orphaned rhino calves.

“Race4Rhino has donated funds to Care For Wild through CRF previously and we’ve had fantastic feedback from our donors regarding how well the funding is spent,” says Scott Irving, founder of the Race4Rhino initiative, which raises awareness and funds for conservation through sporting events. “We want to thank our 2018 Old Mutual Two Oceans runners, who participate for a cause and make a difference by ensuring that we can continue to support the rehabilitation of orphaned rhinos.”

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is one of only a few specialists in the care of orphaned and injured rhino. “We are delighted to receive the generous Race4Rhino donation on behalf of our rhino babies,” says Petronel Nieuwoudt, Owner and Director of the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. “The funds will be used to care for our precious rhino orphans. They drink many, many litres of milk several times a day and eat plenty of hay and rhino pellets, especially now in the winter when the natural grazing is minimal. In addition, they need warm, clean and comfortable shelter, particularly when they are still young and unable regulate their own body temperatures. They also receive supplements and medical care, and tight security to keep them safe from poachers.”

Nieuwoudt adds that the funds will also support the current expansion of the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary facilities, to accommodate the increasing number of orphaned rhinos in their care. “With support from initiatives such as Race4Rhino and CRF, we can keep compromised, orphaned rhinos well-fed, healthy, warm and safe. It is a wonderful privilege to rescue these traumatised and often injured baby rhinos, to nurture them back to health and – where possible – to release them back into the wild. We are grateful for the generous support of initiatives such as Race4Rhino and CRF, which makes it possible.”

“It is an honour for Chipembere Rhino Foundation to once again support the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, thanks to the funding raised by Scott Irving and his team of Race4Rhino supporters,” says Brent Cook, founder of CRF, a local NGO run by volunteers which provides funding, equipment, intelligence, technology, education and relocation assistance to rhino custodians across Southern Africa. “We thank Care for Wild for their incredible work and support them wholeheartedly as they devote endless time, effort and love – and take on incredible responsibility – to keep South Africa’s rhino orphans healthy, safe and comfortable!”

Meet the Care for Wild team at http://careforwild.co.za/ and to find out more about Race4Rhino visit  http://race4conservation.co.za/

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