CRF funds exclusive – and ever-more crucial – rhino collaring

Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF) proudly funded an exclusive rhino collaring at the end of last year at an undisclosed location in the Eastern Cape, where a tragic spate of recent rhino poachings have placed all local game reserves on high alert.

Since late 2020, CRF has collared more than 500 rhinos. Dr William Fowlds was the vet on site when a rhino cow was collared most recently.

Collaring enables the physical health and location of rhino to be monitored and tracked continuously, so anti-poaching teams are positioned more strategically – one of the most successful anti-poaching interventions.

This type of conservation work is only possible thanks to the amazing support of generous donors, who enable CRF to protect our rhinos from professional, well-equipped and dangerous poaching syndicates.

Some of CRF’s donors – ranging in age from 6 to 85! – joined Dr Fowld’s team for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness this rhino collaring, including Ryler, Nicole and Lily Masterton and Bernadene Friend of Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists; Bruce Steele-Gray of Kenton Rotary Club & RAGES (Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species); Gwen Young of Rhino Night Relay; Carey Webster from the Kenton Rhino Run; Sandy Birch of Sunshine Coast Tourism; Joani de Coning from De Coning Brewing CO; and Noula and Donald Maclean of Noula Maclean Photography.

With as many as eight rhino poached already in 2023, strong anti-poaching measures such as collaring is becoming more critical.

It is chilling to think how many more rhino would be lost if it was not for the efforts, continuous funding and support of the community, individuals and caring companies that – no matter how small – make a massive difference on the ground. We invite everyone to join Southern Africa’s rhino custodians!

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