K9 Cyrus Retires: Kariega Game Reserve Welcomes K9 Murdock for Anti-Poaching

K9 Cyrus
November 15, 2023

Trained tracking and apprehension dogs used throughout Africa are known to contribute significantly to curbing poaching through early detection and/or apprehension. Chipembere Rhino Foundation’s (CRF) K9 project has played an important role in this sector of anti-poaching, supporting the structures required for a successful K9 team. To date, CRF has been involved in seven K9 deployments in the Eastern Cape.

Celebrating K9 Cyrus

K9 Cyrus

One of these deployments is K9 Cyrus, who has served as a member of the Anti-Poaching Unit at Kariega Game Reserve since March 2019. The specially trained Sable Shepherd teamed up with Kariega’s APU K9 handler, Daniel Haesslich, in a three-year project partnership between CRF, K9DPS (Bronyx K9 Training College), RAGES (The Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species), Global Conservation Force (GCF) and Kariega Game Reserve.

K9 Cyrus has made a significant contribution to the conservation and protection of rhino and to the surrounding community. In January, he will turn 9 and has officially retired from active duty.

Both the Kariega Game Reserve and CRF team salutes K9 Cyrus, with gratitude for his loyal service and fondest wishes for his happy retirement with his family.

Welcome K9 Murdock!

K9 Murdock

We are also excited to announce that Murdock, a Dutch Shepherd who turns two in December, has been officially deployed to join Kariega’s K9 handler, Daniel. Murdock was bred and trained by Kilo9 Kennels for this K9 project partnership between CRF, Rhino Tears and Kariega Game Reserve.

K9 Murdock
K9 Murdock

Watch this space for updates on K9 Murdock’s progress at Kariega Game Reserve!

We would like to thank our generous donors who made the CRF contribution of R50,000.00 possible, including Mike Carnegie (R26,000.00), The Kenton Rhino Run & Rooting-for-Rhino (R14,000.00) and Storm (R10,000.00).

K9 Murdock

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Image Credits: Jo Wilmot and Kariega Game Reserve

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