Keep The Five Alive

September 22 is World Rhino Day and Chipembere Rhino Foundation Needs You to Help Fight the threat of Extinction

What: September 22 is World Rhino Day, a  global conservation initiative to raise public awareness of the five rhino species in the world. All five are facing  the threat of extinction if not protected: Black Rhino (Africa), White Rhino (Africa), Javan (Asia), Sumatran (Asia), and Greater One-Horned (India and Nepal).            
Who:  Chipembere Rhino Foundation is a long-standing non-profit organization protecting  rhino in Africa, home to over 90% of the rhino population. Continuing conservation efforts, awareness, and public support are key. Chipembere’s efforts include: supporting the protection of rhino habitat, anti-poaching ranger support, K9 deployment, rhino translocations, monitoring of rhino through technology, and collaboration with other established NGOs (non-profits). Over the past ten years, Chipembere Rhino Foundation has championed collaboration between multiple NGOs to achieve its goals in safeguarding rhinos.

Brent Cook, Founder & CEO, says, “Our efforts in protecting Africa’s rhino have remained steadfast with the continued support from our donors, a commitment that we owe to future generations who look to us to ensure the survival of this iconic species.” 
Why: In the early 1990s, the dire threat on Southern Africa’s black and white rhino population almost resulted in their total extinction, and now poaching levels have reached a crisis point once again. Only 1,822 5,300  – 2,014 5,600 African Black rhino are left (critically endangered), and only 17,396 17,000 – 19,369 19,000 African White rhino are left (near-threatened). 8,493 9,450  rhino were slaughtered between 2008  2010 and 2019, and another 394 435  rhino were butchered in 2020 predominantly for their horn, though this figure is estimated to be higher due to lack of official reporting, predominantly for their horn.
When: Support World Rhino Day on September 22:

1. Get creative on social media and spread the word.
Tag Chipembere: Facebook@chipembere_rhino_foundation & Instagram @chipembere_rhino_foundation and/or use the World Rhino Day hashtags: #WorldRhinoDay #WRD2021 #KeeptheFiveAlive
2. Stay Informed: Education and awareness are essential. Get to know more about this critically  threatened and critically endangered species and how they desperately need your help.
3. Support a registered non-profit conservation organization and become a donor.
Where: Donate HERE  

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