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Mastertons Chipembere Coffee

Photo Credit: Chris van Zyl

On 22 September, we celebrate World Rhino Day. This year is a special celebration: the first time in five years that fewer than 1000* rhinos were poached in one year. The recorded number of rhino poached in 2018 is still a staggering 769, but there has been a steady decline nationally in the number of rhinos poached in South Africa since 2016. Last year, we also saw the first successful prosecution of the notorious Ndlovu rhino poaching gang in Grahamstown High Court.

The overall decline in rhino poaching may be attributed to successful interventions including Anti-Poaching Units (APU) supported by specially-trained K9 units; advanced rhino monitoring and tracking; translocating rhinos to private reserves; and – perhaps most importantly – the collaboration, commitment and dedication of people and businesses raising awareness and funding to protect our last remaining rhino.

A pertinent example is Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists, crafters of the ‘Chipembere’ Rhino Coffee Blend, roasted for a cause. Driven to protect our rhino and inspired by the conservation efforts of Chipembere Rhino Foundation, Mastertons donates R5 for every 250 grams of ‘Chipembere’ coffee purchased by retailers and coffee-loving rhino supporters to Chipembere Rhino Foundation, contributing significantly to their rhino conservation efforts. Indulging in a cup of ‘Chipembere’ coffee is just one of the ways you can contribute to this worthwhile cause.

The unwavering support from retailers that stock ‘Chipembere’ coffee and coffee-lovers countrywide enjoying Chipembere coffee blend has already contributed significantly to the protection of our rhinos, empowering Anti-Poaching Units through initiatives such as a specially trained anti-poaching K9 team in the Eastern Cape; accredited advanced training for anti-poaching personnel; supplying reliable and proven field equipment; and the building of a watch tower at an Eastern Cape game reserve, giving anti-poaching units a new, higher vantage point to watch over rhino and other wildlife.

CRF - K9 Anti-poaching Team

CRF - Waiting for the drugs to take affect

For more information about or to purchase the ‘Chipembere’ coffee online please visit https://mastertonscoffee.co.za/coffee-shop/chipembere-blend/. For independent retailers, please visit https://mastertonscoffee.co.za/mastertons-coffee-distribution/


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