UK Vet Student Raises £1,200 for Chipembere Rhino Foundation

Meg Turner is a 23-year-old final year vet student at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. She recently raised £1200 for rhino conservation by running a 42km marathon. A massive thank you from all of us at Chipembere Rhino Foundation to Meg for her incredible contribution!

Watching the Lion King as a child ignited Meg’s passion for African wildlife. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping animals big and small.

In 2014, Meg volunteered at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa where she helped hand-rear an orphaned rhino calf named Olive, who stole her heart and inspired her to put her love of rhinos into action.

In her second year at vet school, her passion for working with these iconic animals was cemented while on the Vets Go Wild programme in South Africa with Dr William Fowlds, a renowned wildlife veterinarian and rhino conservationist.

Meg decided to contribute to protecting the rhino. Combining her passion for rhino with her love for running, she ran a 42km marathon last month to raise money for Chipembere Rhino Foundation.

Determined to make a difference, Meg did not let the fact that the marathon she trained for on the 6 October got cancelled due to flooding as parts of the course were impassable. She simply looked for the next marathon, signed up and ran on the 20 October 2019, which although very hilly, went well. Using her Justgiving page, Meg raised a total of £1200 for Chipembere Rhino Foundation!

“I’ve been privileged to have worked with rhino before, from hand-rearing orphans to assisting wildlife vets on procedures on the ground and these animals have completely won me over. Rhino poaching is an ever-present problem with over 300 animals already being poached in South Africa alone this year. Rhinos are living dinosaurs and if the current rate of poaching continues, could be extinct by 2030,” says Meg. “I wanted to play my role in protecting these animals by trying to raise money for an organisation working day-by-day to save the rhino. I am very appreciative of all the support I received to raise money for the Foundation!”

“We are so proud of Meg Turner on running 42km for rhino conservation. What a celebratory feat!” says Brent Cook. “Meg, thank you for your passion, determination and love for our rhino. From Olive and us all, we salute you and will make sure that your donation makes a difference on the ground, where it counts…”

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